Alternative truth in Science: when Stalin, Putin and Trump see eye to eye

When religion or politicians have a say on scientific issues, science is agonizing and of course when there is a combination of both the adverse events are exponentially enhanced. We all have in mind Trofim Denissovitch Lyssenko who denied any validity to Mendel’s and Morgan’s genetics considered as not materialistic and unreliable that had to be … Read more

Europe is drowning!

The recent populist trend of most European countries and the irrational opposition to immigrants is more than immoral; it is a major blow to our civilisation. It is in contradiction with our principles /constitution. The belief that democracy is a superior value and system is not readily compatible with tens of thousands of immigrants families, kids, babies … Read more

The dilemma of the pain in the newborn

  Curiously we know a lot on pain of the mother during delivery but much less that of the new born. Several techniques and drugs can infirm the biblical saying –thou shall deliver in pain –and that is of course important. Yet, we should not forget that the partner of this incredibly complex event, namely … Read more

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