There is not a single Autism-specific gene, just brain genes !

For decades, we have been repeatedly informed as an undisputable fact that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are “genetic”, with genetic mutations being responsible for 15 then 25% and probably all ASD. This more technical than conceptual approach has not led to a single treatment even at early stages, and no significant novel understanding of how … Read more

Changing software to understand and treat autism: the importance of studying maternity and birth

First published in Médecine & Sciences The data on autism are well known: the impact is strong, because -with an incidence of 1,4%- this disease affects communication, which an essential function at the heart of our modern societies. And yet, despite the successive “autism plans” and the sometimes huge sums invested (hundreds of millions of … Read more

Why is it so difficult for politicians to understand scientific research?

First published in french in Médecine et Sciences Research funding suffers from well-known but not understood by generations of politicians’ issues. We are still far from the 3% of GDP required to get back on the saddle and which are occasionally promised before one election or another. However, even those who complain that the rank … Read more

An excitatory GABAergic pathway allows the sodium to regulate our clock time

A new study, published in Nature by researchers from McGill University, shows that increased sodium concentration in the blood may influence the circadian rhythm of mice via an excitatory GABAergic pathway. Our circadian rhythm is controlled by the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which coordinates physiological and behavioral changes to anticipate changes related to our 24-hour cycle. … Read more

White paper on Autism Spectrum Disorder

This White Paper, written by renowned scientists, is aimed at all stakeholders, all societies, their government and their media, for a global awareness. It will widely disseminate valuable knowledge for a coherent and rational public action, of interest for the public health and also of interest for the improvement of the human condition of the … Read more

At birth neurons are bigger following Maternal Immune Activation

Amandine Fernandez, Camille Dumon, Damien Guimond, Roman Tyzio, Paolo Bonifazi, Natalia Lozovaya, Nail Burnashev, Diana C Ferrari, Yehezkel Ben-Ari; The GABA Developmental Shift Is Abolished by Maternal Immune Activation Already at Birth, Cerebral Cortex, novembre 2018 Article online Maternal Immune Activation (MIA) is due to an intrauterine infection that perturbs the immune system leading to the … Read more

Chloride, homeopathy, scientism and autism

The spectrum of autistic syndromes is composed of very different syndromes, which often causes diagnostic problems and explains both our very partial understanding of the underlying mechanisms and the fact that there is currently no medication approved by the European and American authorities. This also explains why clueless mothers – and this is easily understandable … Read more

When animal welfare is better controlled than the health of the population

No offense to the aficionados of miracle solutions, but the discovery of new drugs requires experiments made on animal models; most often rodents or small mammals (cf this article for details).  There was a not too distant time when there was no control over the maintenance and life conditions of these animals with obvious abuses … Read more

Numbers don’t tell everything

Connecting essential issues that seem to have no link, introducing them with intelligence and humor while basing them on example from daily life is an exercise that only few experts can manage. The book of Pablo Jensen, physicist and sociologist, “Pourquoi la société ne se laisse pas mettre en équations”, that can be translated in … Read more

Experimental data from mice suggest that term cesarean sections do not affect brain maturation

In mammals, birth is one of the most biologically complex processes for both the woman and the fetus. Indeed, a complex hormonal network is set up to allow delivery, while the fetus must, at birth, quickly adjust its metabolic, hormonal, pulmonary, cardiovascular, immunological, and microbiotic functions to allow its survival. The conditions under which this … Read more

Fake news: earthworms can replace animal testing on mammals

We live in a great world! Our goal is to simplify everything, to quickly diagnose diseases with genetics and big data, and now, we don’t even need to go through preclinical studies on mammals. These wonderful worms with a thousand cells, a super simple nervous system compared to the trillions of connections in the human … Read more


Following the recent publication of a paper called “GABAergic inhibition in dual-transmission cholinergic and GABAergic striatal interneurons is abolished in Parkinson disease“, Erwan Bézard, director of the Neurodégénérative Diseases Institute of Bordeauxpublished a commentary, that you can find here. Here’s our answer: First of all, we always pay attention to discussions and criticisms and we welcome … Read more

An answer to Prof Tepper about his short comment on our recently published paper

We recently published a paper called “GABAergic inhibition in dual-transmission cholinergic and GABAergic striatal interneurons is abolished in Parkinson disease“. Prof Tepper briefly commented it on Twitter. Here’s our answer:   Our paper is not some sort of “artefact”. Things are never so simple, they usually have an explanation. The devil, as we all know, … Read more

Plea for biomedical innovation

A large part of the therapeutic applications of biomedical research is generated in innovation incubators. More than 70% of new drugs come from discoveries made by small structures close to academic research, which have a greater capacity for innovation than larger companies. These ones invest in start-ups by buying them or acquiring licenses. With a … Read more

Alert! Finkielkraut is suffering from acute Muslimis/Arabis

This is a brain syndrome that has genetic and environmental links with Stockholm syndrome; the same acute manifestations of paranoia, headaches, the hibernation of the cortical structures involved in reasoning, and an unhealthy attraction to a group / population that is being loathed. This is at the root of every problem: women complain – the … Read more

Pax Americana, female orgasm and autism

The case is emblematic of the protectionism of the US authorities. A German company discovers a product that would have a beneficial effect on female orgasm. After expensive but successful trials, it asks the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorities for a US marketing authorization. The 28 experts of the commission reject it, arguing that … Read more

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master

The Paper of Yves Frégnac in Science raises major issues that are on the convergence of the paucity of concepts in science, the evaluation and financing of scientific investigations and the false promises of big programs to understand the brain and treat neurological and psychiatric disorders. The incredible acceleration of technological advances attested every day … Read more

Scientific fraud: when «publish or perish » leads to the distortion of reality

The increase of scientific frauds and publications that are not reproductible is a major concern that has been analyzed many times. So-called leading journals have more and more retractations, articles considered major and opening up new perspectives are abandoned because based on tampered or “arranged” results, even emanating from prestigious laboratories. These frauds, however, have … Read more

Why is it so hard to reform scientific research?

In a refreshing article, an American scientist proposes a series of changes to improve the functioning of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), one of the leading scientific research institutions in the US. Despite the differences in the organization of science in the US and Europe, it is interesting to note the similarity in the criticisms … Read more

Sanofi and the case of the sodium valproate

Overwhelming testimonies about the Sanofi and health officials disaster on the case of sodium valproate The dangers of this molecule has been known for at least 3 decades, resulting in life-long sequelae of children with autism, delayed development, drug-resistant epilepsy seizures, etc. These emotional and overwhelming testimonies show both the importance of the commitment of … Read more

The false promises of Artificial Intelligence and the genuine issue of poverty and brain mal development

According to some, immortality is for tomorrow and the baby who is going to live 1000 years already born. There are now singularity universities, and the popes of this trend are relying on a heavy mixture of science fiction and prophecies. R. Kurzweil for instance has decided that the evolution will reach its climax in … Read more

The pseudo-scientific vision of the evolution reviewed by the preachers of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is trendy, it is invested with every virtues and vices/dangers. According to some people, there it is, happiness is tomorrow with immortality in support of it, and a sort of graft between human being and machine/robot living in the Garden of Eden. The reading of these “theses” and defenders illustrates perfectly how science … Read more

The posthumous assassinations of Margaret Thatcher

Deregulations are weapons that sometimes kill decades later. Thus, in the 1980s, when Mrs Thatcher deregulates sanitary controls and, above all, facilitates the conditions required to feed cows from animal carcasses (no need to boil completely and for long periods of time), it will lead years later to the crisis of mad cow disease with … Read more

Alternative truth in Science: when Stalin, Putin and Trump see eye to eye

When religion or politicians have a say on scientific issues, science is agonizing and of course when there is a combination of both the adverse events are exponentially enhanced. We all have in mind Trofim Denissovitch Lyssenko who denied any validity to Mendel’s and Morgan’s genetics considered as not materialistic and unreliable that had to be … Read more

Europe is drowning!

The recent populist trend of most European countries and the irrational opposition to immigrants is more than immoral; it is a major blow to our civilisation. It is in contradiction with our principles /constitution. The belief that democracy is a superior value and system is not readily compatible with tens of thousands of immigrants families, kids, babies … Read more

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