Alert! Finkielkraut is suffering from acute Muslimis/Arabis

This is a brain syndrome that has genetic and environmental links with Stockholm syndrome; the same acute manifestations of paranoia, headaches, the hibernation of the cortical structures involved in reasoning, and an unhealthy attraction to a group / population that is being loathed. This is at the root of every problem: women complain – the Arabs; the schoolchildren complain – the Arabs I tell you; earthquakes and cyclones that devastated the Caribbean – still the Arabs. Once the diagnosis is made, we are no further ahaed because there is no effective treatment. Sometimes, overexposure with the population concerned can be useful – for example a hammam in Morocco, a traumatic operation that could regenerate neurons and activate highly damaged circuits. This syndrome is common today especially on the far right, where it is flourishing. It is also more common in elderly people and greatly facilitated by a media exposure especially in high doses.

2 questions arise:
1- Has Mr F. alwaysbeen infected with this virus? Or was he infected? Perhaps after his access to the French Academy? Is it a late evolution or was it present before in more classical and less global forms of racism?

2- Do the journalists attracted by this patient to the point of inviting him to have his opinion on everything and anything have this disease? Or do they take pleasure in putting forward a personality sick and diminished in his faculties? It must be said that the media seem to have a particular form of this virus consisting in transforming radios / TV into a café du commerce that fits well with personalities like Mr F.

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