Adjani, vaccines, media and the theory of relativity

This is now such a great time! A media artist has an opinion that you have to listen and follow, regardless of the field. On the topic of vaccination, Ms. Adjani states that “it is a crime against immunity which, probably, in the next twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years will be called a crime against humanity”. She speaks from experience: n=2 children waved as irrefutable proof, put on the same level as the thousands of vaccinated children among whom polio, tetanus, measles, etc. are no longer a problem. Ms. Adjani lacks basic honesty when she insists on the child who died after vaccination in Switzerland, omitting to say that he had severe leukaemia with heavy chemo treatment, which weakens his immune system and therefore facilitates and worsens any contamination. Ms. Adjani could have quoted the unvaccinated teenager from Marseille who recently died of measles. She bravely quotes her “scientific” references: a veterinarian who takes care of horses (E. Ancelet) and a follower of nebulous theory –the total biology with a match between each organ, the brain and a disease. This expert is the author of a text accusing Pasteur of being megalomaniac and pitiful, responsible of crimes against humanity. Continuing her declamations, Ms. Adjani denigrates Alain Fischer, who has succeeded in doing the first gene therapy clinical trials and whose skills cannot be denied, on the pretext that he received a Sanofi price and is therefore by definition sold out to the pharmaceutical industry. Incidentally, the opinion of the academic societies is ignored and seems not to carry a lot of weight against the certainties of Ms. The artist.

The mind boggles at so much ignorance, deference and mediocrity. Ms. Adjani should go and comfort this child who is between life and death after being bitten by a rabid dog, while the rabies vaccine given before or after the bite prevents these effects. She should have lives in 1918-19 when the Spanish flu killed more people than World War I, especially in Europe. The mega epidemics have not disappeared from our country thanks to homeopathy or Lourdes water, our life expectancy has increased because many diseased incurable at that time have been eliminated from our countries thanks to hygiene and vaccines. In Europe, 1 500 cases of measles were reported in January and February, according to the Disease Prevention and Control Center. Or twice as much as last year at the same time.

Ms. Adjani says with audacity that in neighbouring countries, no vaccine is mandatory. One should be a little more accurate in these statements. In Italy, the government passed a decree law on May 19th, which must be confirmed by the Parliament within 3 months, making 12 vaccines mandatory to enrol children in school (measles, polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis B, rubella, mumps, pertussis, chickenpox, haemophilus influenzae type B, meningitis B and C). Up to 6 years, these vaccines will be mandatory to be accepted in nursery or kindergarten? In Germany, vaccines are not mandatory but since 2015, the law provides that parents who systematically refuse to vaccinate their children can be fined 2 500 euros. In Sweden, more than 96% of the parents have their children vaccinated, a number close to the French average that has been stable for decades. Non-obligation in these countries is more of a philosophy of respecting the rules even when they are not obligatory than a mistrust of vaccination.

The worst thing about this story is that a media personality has an opinion on everything: no need to study, gain experience in understanding and treating diseases, no, Madam knows, playing theatre or cinema is enough. One might also ask her if she confirms the theory of relativity, poor Einstein would like to be reassured in his grave.

The era is for charlatans, media speakers, skills are no longer required. This situation is a reflection of the general loss of confidence in science and progress, replaced by ignorance, prophecies, “we should”, with its train of setbacks and denial of reality. It is a form of obscurantist religiosity which unfortunately will not diminish because fashionable. The media that live only for the scoops have a major role in this situation. It would be good to invite people who know what they are talking about rather than soup sellers and that journalists have a minimum of knowledge not to be fooled by these charlatans.

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