The posthumous assassinations of Margaret Thatcher

Deregulations are weapons that sometimes kill decades later. Thus, in the 1980s, when Mrs Thatcher deregulates sanitary controls and, above all, facilitates the conditions required to feed cows from animal carcasses (no need to boil completely and for long periods of time), it will lead years later to the crisis of mad cow disease with its train of thousands of beasts to slaughter, a serious economic crisis, bankrupt breeders and above all the terrible deaths due to the Creutzfeldt-Jakob with its succession of suffering from a disease without treatment whose outcome is unavoidable.

In the meantime, in the spirit of privatizing everything and simplifying the administration and allowing for increased profits, she decides that it is not necessary to cover the English towers with aluminum, but it can be saved (300K€ for one tower) by replacing the aluminum with plastic. This one turns out to be flammable and the result is the 80 deaths (at least) of the Grenfell tower in London and the dozens of towers that are awaiting the same type of incident in Great Britain. In her defense, this is not a British phenomenon with the seemingly similar fires in Grenoble and Dubai… The same causes have the same effects… One day it will be necessary to charge those responsible for their misdeeds !

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