Europe is drowning!

The recent populist trend of most European countries and the irrational opposition to immigrants is more than immoral; it is a major blow to our civilisation. It is in contradiction with our principles /constitution. The belief that democracy is a superior value and system is not readily compatible with tens of thousands of immigrants families, kids, babies that we let drown, transforming the Mediterranean sea to a big cemetery. It will be difficult to speak of freedom and fraternity after this and the more our politicians imitate the populists and adopt positions against immigration and safeguards to people fleeing massacres in Syria and elsewhere, the more they will be replaced by these extremists. It is funny or rather very sad that a private enterprise has steeled to rescue boats and their passengers from the Mediterranean sea –more than 10000 in a few months…this association called SOS Mediterranée is astonishingly only receiving less than 1% of their needs from public sources. It might be a good idea to help them as they deserve that but also for allowing us to better appreciate the figures we see when we look in the mirror….

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